Server Unexpected Shutdown/BSOD/Dump file analysis

Generally event ID 6008 generating in server for unexpected shutdown.The below steps we have to follow to know the root cause of server shutdown.
  • Configure you server to track shutdown/reboot. If not please “Configure Shutdown Event Tracker on the Local Computer”
  • First check the server whether it is configured for dump file or not. If it is configured check the path %systemroot%\mindump\ folder and find is there any *.dmp file located in there.
  • The below snap-shot helps you to configure server for dump file. Also to set mini dump file path & disable automatically restart option as shown in screen shot.
Sometimes server restart automatically to stop automatic restart of server please un-check the marked option in below snap shot. Also try to boot server in safe mode and check for the similar kind of issue? Another useful step is go to run and type msconfig|startup|uncheck startup items which are not required.
Based on the dump file analysis, we can find either system process/file name/ hardware failures along with the  respective bug check string codes.
Here is the link for various bug check codes and troubleshooting steps
Some times dump file partially corrupt and which is not allowed to analyse the file to find the root cause of server shutdown.